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I am: very creative, passionate about many things, never bored, don’t follow the crowd prefer to have my own opinion, independent, shy, quiet…introverted, yet can talk a blue streak, calm, have very high standards, sometimes easier to irritate than I'd like to be, have the wonder & curiosity of a child, love to learn, analytical, always thinking, detail oriented, honest, a procrastinator, compassionate, very empathic, eternally hopeful, a daydreamer, love beauty, not a morning person, enjoy the simple things, I’m always reading, need to live near the ocean, need animals in my life, gardening - nature, like watching the sky - clouds or stars, prefer old houses, torn between the city & the country, I’m a crow I love shiny objects…, love a good cup of tea, I always know where I am and how to get home.

My little dog is called Robin her story is in this post.


knitting, gardening, animals, weaving, creating sculpture in clay, cooking, sewing, books, crochet, the ocean, creative stuff. oh! did I mention that I have many, many books and love to read?